At the Arizona Institute for Communication and Cognitive Disorders, we have a professional staff which includes ASHA certified and Arizona Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapists who are specifically trained to meet the needs of individuals with acquired or traumatic brain injury.




Ms. Trunzo is the Clinical Director of the Arizona Institute for Communication and Cognitive Disorders and Affiliated Speech Pathology. She has worked extensively with children and adults with acquired and traumatic brain injuries for over 32 years and has specialized in community-based cognitive rehabilitation.


She has co-authored a clinical textbook on communication and coping skills and has accomplished research in the area of neurogenic-based communication disorders. She has also lectured and provided training workshops throughout Arizona and the United States on traumatic brain injury, particularly in the areas of Post-Concussive Disorders and Pediatric Brain Injury, and has given expert witness testimony in capital murder investigations. Ms. Trunzo has received numerous awards for her outstanding work in the area of acquired brain injury and was admitted to Valley Leadership’s ranks for her leadership role in the community. Ms. Trunzo has served as Co-Chair of the Disability Awareness Committee of the Phoenix Sister Cities Commission since 1998.